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The Roofing Contractors You Want For Barberton Roof Repairs

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The Barberton area is surrounded by beautiful parks near Lake Anna and Portage Lakes. We have hundreds of recreational opportunities with an easy commute to the city life. Why not take the family out for some relaxing time while we fix your roof?

Your Barberton roof is one of the most important features of your home. It protects you and all those within as well as all your assets -including your home and everyone living in it. If your roof suffers from old age, water damages, wind damages, or other damage, you will likely have more significant problems if the repairs aren't made in time.

At Dan Buxton Roofing, LLC, we take your roof repairs and your satisfaction seriously. We can inspect your roof, help you with a replacement, or handle the repairs. Give us a call if you know you have roof damages or your roof hasn't been inspected in some time.

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Roof Replacement

At some point in time, your Barberton area roof structure will need to be replaced. Most often, it's just the shingles that need replacement but it can also include decking replacement and more. Depending on the damages a roof structure incurs, you may need your entire roof structure replaced, or you may just need your shingles removed and replaced.

Dan Buxton Roofing, LLC are the roofing contractors you can trust to do all your roof repairs including entire roof replacements. Our quality materials are long lasting and durable, and we know you'll be happy with the work we do for you.

Roofing Repairs

As a Barberton resident, you're very familiar with hail damage and flash flooding. Storm damage can cause a lot of difficulty when you're trying to recover from a potentially life changing event. It's a process you should never have to deal with alone, and you don't have to because you can count on our professional roofing contractors to help you along the way to getting your roof repaired.

With the most reliable service, we'll make sure your roof is repaired perfectly with quality materials and expert workmanship. Whether it's hail damage repairs, tree impact repairs, or just an aging roof that needs a few repairs, we'll be there for you.

Affordable Barberton Roof Replacement Types

If you want an affordable roofing shingle for the replacement, the asphalt shingles and metal roofing are great options. Manufacturers have worked to improve the durability of asphalt shingles, making them better today than ever before. And metal roofs can last a lifetime.

Partial roof replacement with asphalt shingles can sometimes be difficult due to matching the shingle colors, but the professionals at Dan Buxton Roofing, LLC can get it done for you.

Metal roofs stand up the longest here in the Barberton climate, so it's a good roof replacement material. With proper ongoing care and maintenance, your new metal roof can last anywhere from 50 years to a lifetime.

Residential Siding Installations

There are different siding types that are best for the Barberton area. In our region of the country, it's highly important that the exterior materials are durable and resistant to damage. As the premier siding experts in the area, we can give you the information needed to help you figure out the best type of exterior cladding for your home. We also know what's popular for homeowners in the area. You'll have plenty to choose from in high-performance siding when you call us for installation.

Commercial Exterior Services

Whether you need new commercial siding, roofing, windows, or gutters and spouting, we can help you make the improvements necessary for your building. Exterior improvements and repairs will keep the value of your commercial property higher. It also makes a big difference in how your customers feel about your business. Call today and let us know what you need. Our commercial construction crew is standing by.

Barberton, OH

If you are looking for Roofing Contractors in the Barberton, OH area, please call 330-437-0719 or complete our online request form.