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Your Established & Reputable Akron Roofing Contractor

roofing contractor akron ohOne of the most important contacts you should have saved to your phone is for a reliable Akron roofing contractor. You need to know that you will have someone to count on for your inspection, repair and replacement service needs. Too many homeowners make the mistake of trying to choose the perfect industry professional, in the midst of a crisis.

Yet smart home and business owners know that the local name to trust is Dan Buxton Roofing LLC. Since 1974, we have been providing residents in the Akron area with the high quality workmanship and superior results that they want, need and deserve. Your rooftop is the most important feature of your structure, so don't take chances when it comes to the level of quality work that you receive.

Our roofers in Akron, OH take this line of work seriously and take great pride in all the work that we do. Our goal is to be able to help you achieve the maximum performance and optimal longevity from your roofing system. The only way to attain this is through high quality workmanship, from a reputable name you can trust for residential and commercial roofing services in Akron, OH.

Akron Residential & Commercial Roofing Experts

Of course, one of the most commonly requested types of services we address is the need for roof repairs in Akron, OH. And some of the most common types of repairs we end up dealing with are the result of issues like:

  • If your flashing is not installed properly, you are going to have a world of problems. This is the material used around chimneys and skylights. When installed improperly, you can have issues like leaks or blow-off of roofing materials.
  • Trees are a lovely addition to any landscaping layout, but can pose a threat to your rooftop. Tree growth, without proper pruning, results in branches that tear at your roof. During storms, falling branches can wreak havoc. Make it a point to keep your trees trimmed back from over or near your roof to reduce the likelihood of problems.

These are just a couple of common problems that we run into. Stay on top of getting your inspections carried out, twice a year, and you reduce the chances of having emergency repair needs.

Professional in Akron for Other Exterior Services

Dan Buxton Roofing LLC is ready, willing and beyond capable of also addressing service needs for other types of exterior services. Commercial gutters, residential siding and other tasks are a part of what we do. The bottom line is that when you are in need of any type of exterior service work, think of our team of roofing contractors first.

Akron, OH

If you are looking for a professional Akron roofing contractor then please call 330-437-0719 or complete our online request form.