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Reasons Why You Should Have A Roof Inspection

roof inspections canton ohAs a homeowner, you may have been told by roofing experts to arrange for a roof inspection every few years. Whether you feel a routine roof inspection is a waste of time or if the task keeps slipping your mind, knowing that a roof inspection can save you money is excellent motivation to schedule a roof inspection today.

How You Can Save Money With A Roof Inspection

The reason is simple, identifying the early signs of damage can prevent roofing problems from costing you hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of dollars. Small leaks can cause significant issues if they aren't handled immediately. They can also shorten your roofing system's life, and you may need to replace the roof earlier than expected.

Roof inspections are usually carried out every three years for roofing systems with asphalt or composite tiles or wood tiles such as cedarwood. You can schedule inspections every five years for tile roofs as they are usually more durable. However, if a major storm has recently hit your area, you should immediately have your roof inspected.

Things To Look For During A Roof Inspection

Qualified and professional roofers should always carry out roof inspections. However, it's essential to know the types of hazards you should be aware of.

  1. Leaks
    Leaks often cause discoloration or watermarks on a room's interior ceiling or walls. You may also find blistering paint or paint flakes on the ceiling, or notice small drips in your home when it rains.
  2. Mildew & Mold
    The attic is one of the areas in your home that is immediately exposed to a roof leak. As a result, hazards like mildew and mold can grow and potentially spread to other parts of your home.
  3. Damage To Your Roof
    Leaks can also cause structural damage to your roof and cause your roof's wooden areas to rot. Once rotting begins, your roof can't be repaired, and roof replacement becomes necessary.

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