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4 Common Causes of Leaky Metal Roofs

roof inspections canton ohMetal roofs are incredibly resilient, and they've been known to last 50 years. However, they can begin to wear down from improper installation, age, extreme weather conditions, and structural damage, so hiring a roofing contractor for metal roof repairs shortly after noticing a roof leak is crucial. A prolonged metal roof leak on your Akron home can shorten your metal roofing's longevity and effectiveness drastically.

What's Wrong with Your Metal Roof?

  • Damaged Sealants – Roof sealants age over time, so you'll need to hire a roofing contractor to apply new sealant eventually, especially if your metal roof is leaking. Your roofer will apply the sealant around counter flashings, reglets, roof transitions, and pitch pans and under metal ridge caps and Z flashings.
  • Faulty Roofing Screws – Roofing screws have rubber washers at the base to prevent water leaks, so if the roofing screws are installed at the wrong angle, the rubber washer won't lay flat and form a proper seal. Roofing screws can also be driven in too little or too much, and a roofer can miss the wood framing. Because of the screws' ineffective seals, water can enter the metal roofing system and your home's interior.
  • Overlapping Seams – Capillary draw is a process that describes the flow of water up a slope and in between two seams of overlapping metal roofing sections. Your roofing contractor can solve this problem by applying sealant or butyl tape.
  • Inadequate Roof Slope – Metal roofing should be installed on a slope of 4/12, so if you bought a house with an existing metal roof, the roof may not have been installed with the proper slope. If you notice roof leaks, measure the slope of your roof. Slopes less than 3/12 can cause leaking unless the metal roof system was installed using a standing seam.
Correct installation and regular maintenance should keep your metal roof in good shape, but if you spot a roof leak, make sure to act quickly. A reputable roofing contractor like Dan Buxton Roofing LLC can determine the cause of the leaking and perform the appropriate repairs so that your Akron home's metal roofing can continue to serve your household well.

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